Reasons Why Any Small Business Can Benefit From a Live Answering Service


When small business owners think of live answering services, they typically assume that these services are designed for large organizations that have to deal with a multitude of clients of a daily basis. This could not be further from the truth though. A live answering service can benefit any type of small business, no matter what industry you are in. This is especially true if you are trying to get your start-up company off the ground and need to provide professional customer care to your prospective clients. Here are some of the reasons why any small business can benefit from a live answering service.

Live answering services are adept for any business

As long as you use telephones to stay in contact with current and potential clients, then a live answering service will be beneficial for you. For instance, physicians who may have started their own practice can use a live answering service when patients are trying to reach you after hours, without having to contact you on your personal line. If you have a start-up construction company, chances are your manual labour would be best suited being deployed to projects rather than answering calls, so a live answering service can take care of scheduling appointments for future tasks for you. These are just a couple of examples to illustrate that no matter the industry, this service can be incorporated into it.

You eliminate the need for additional staff

One of the main concerns when running a small business is keeping your costs down. By not having an established business, you have to keep costs down to ensure that you at least break even or make a profit. When you hire a receptionist to field your business calls, not only do you have to pay their salary but there are also additional costs involved. These may include overhead costs for the office space they will be working out of, buying communication equipment that they will use and more. When you opt for a live answering service, all you have to worry about is paying the monthly cost of the service. This helps you save on time and money you would have spent training the receptionist plus any other overhead costs, giving you the opportunity to inject that money back into your business to ensure that it is flourishing.

You get an insight to your business's metrics

Another advantage of a live answering service is that you can get the statistics regarding the performance of your business. Some call centres will compile different metrics from your consumer base, thus enabling you to know how long your callers stay on the line, their most common queries and more.


20 October 2015

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Hi, my name is Kat. I have worked in all aspects of business -- even though I have never officially had the title of marketer, I have done a lot of marketing work for my own companies as well as for my friends and colleagues. Over the years, I have learned a lot, and I have reshaped and reconfigured everything I have learned through my own experience. For example, what appeals to college kids,or single executives, or mums, or families? As my life has changed, I have also been able to notice and learn essential marketing tips for reaching each of those groups. In this space, I am going to start with tips on transcribing focus groups for marketing, and then, I'm going to delve into other topics. Thanks for reading.