Tips for Selecting & Selling Band Merchandise


Selling merchandise at concert gigs can boost your income whether you're touring or playing local music venues, but how do you determine what to sell and how can you maximise sales at each gig? Here are some tips to get you started.

Choose Your Merchandise

There's no need to spend a small fortune buying custom merchandise when you're just starting out. First, you should you test the waters and determine how much you'll typically sell at each gig. So, when choosing your merchandise, use one of the many online companies who allow you to design your own products without a minimum order quantity.

You simply upload your design, such as your band logo, and they print single units on demand. Start by ordering a dozen or so of each product you want to sell and once you've established demand you can increase your profit margin by ordering larger quantities. Popular products offered by on demand print companies include T-shirts, hoodies, caps and bags, but you don't need to offer the full range.

Custom badges are another popular addition to merchandise tables and can be printed with your band's logo, name or slogan. Badges require very little financial outlay and can be ordered in small quantities from around 50 pieces. Having badges on your merchandise table gives fans the option to go home with an affordable memento that also promotes your band.

Take the following into consideration when choosing your merchandise:

  • Is it hoodie weather? If not, your fans are unlikely to splurge on a band hoodie until the temperature drops.
  • Will you offer a single design or a set of four designs that die-hard fans can collect?
  • Do you want to use your merchandise to build your band's brand? If so, ensure the designs are professional, inoffensive and uncluttered. You want your fans to be proud to wear the merchandise you sell, rather than wearing it for gigs only.
  • Are you happy with the materials used by the print company? Always order a single product first to review the fabric and ink quality.

Maximising Sales

You can't expect to order band merchandise and leave it on a table to sell itself. Here are some tips for maximising sales:

  • Keep your merchandise display clean and tidy. No-one wants a T-shirt that's crumpled up underneath a pile of other stuff.
  • Man the merchandise table. People who come to see you play will often appreciate the opportunity to have a chat with you after the gig, so make the merchandise table a place to hang out and be available to answer questions about what you're selling.
  • Use incentives. Offer a discount if a T-shirt and cap are bought together or give away a low-cost item, such as a badge, with every purchase over a certain amount.
  • Allow fans to pay with plastic. There are a number of apps that allow you to take card payments with your phone, which gives fans the opportunity to snag some merchandise even if they've spent the last of their cash at the bar.

Promotional merchandise can help you get your name out there and gives the impression you're serious and professional. Suppliers usually have an order checking service, so if you're not used to creating and resizing designs to fit the various products you want to sell, ask the print company to check over your work and fix any errors before printing.


18 February 2016

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